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Carry on Glamping

What a summer we had! The heatwave meant the crops were in remarkably early, allowing the farmers a more sociable summer than usual. Meanwhile, we enjoyed a really good boost to the season, so we were spoilt for courgettes, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, kale, squash and more – and the celeriac is already being harvested!… Read more »

Vallum Tipi

What a summer it has been…

What a summer it has been… heat galore meant the crops were in remarkably early allowing farmers a more sociable summer than usual and we enjoyed a really good boost to the season meaning we were completely spoilt for courgettes, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, radish, kale, squash and more … and the celeriac is already being… Read more »

The hungry caterpillar

The hungry caterpillar

The kitchen garden is in its element at the moment with beans, kale, chard, beetroot, carrots, lettuce, courgettes, cucumber, tomatoes, herbs and more. Ivan has done an amazing job keeping on top of the considerable watering and weeding – thank you Mr Robson! It’s such a pleasure to save picking the veg until the day… Read more »

Rabbit Appetite Magazine

Rabbit, rabbit…

The birds are doing their best to eat the sprouting kaibroc before us so we are having to take drastic measures in the shape of the return of Harry the hawk. He is handsome, tame and is actually a kite which we tie to a long pole so that it swirls around in the wind… Read more »

spring vegetables

Spring is on the way!

Oh my goodness, we are hanging out for spring time… I walked through Corbridge the other day and the crocuses were psychedelic against the dismal winter colours, the sun was out – the promise of spring and everything turning green is too much to bear! We’ve been busy with weeding viewings recently – showing couples… Read more »

Wedding Bookings at Vallum

We have been incredibly busy this month showing the marquee to newly engaged couples and their families.  I think it has been a record year for engagements in the North East!Sometimes I get the impression the whole wedding process is overwhelming to couples.  When Peter and I married we both wanted a very small wedding,… Read more »

Winter Wedding Vallum

Winter Weddings at Vallum Farm

The winterisation of the Paddock Marquee is a little tricky this year as we have more winter weddings than ever before. It is a pretty good plan in many ways .. making the most of lower venue hire fees and possibly negotiating favourable rates with suppliers during the quieter times of year.  Daylight is at… Read more »

Cold Comfort

Cold comfort

It’s so cold we barely want to go out in the garden and pick at the moment. But the bonus is the sunrises and our chef Richard in the Tea Room has been sharing his early morning sunrise and kale snaps on Facebook. The great news is the sprouting broccoli is finally here. We are… Read more »

In the dark

In the dark

Having just returned from a very relaxing, sea-tastic and majorly foodie holiday in Cornwall it has been quite tricky to get back into work mode. After a wedding for 150 (the loveliest couple) and Sunday lunch for 100 the next day (in three hours) I literally feel like I am walking on my stumps. We’re… Read more »

Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

Between planting, picking and serving all the produce from our kitchen garden, our newest team member, Richard Jack, head chef of our Tea Room, has been toiling in the heat with my husband Peter to keep the cogs turning. There have been some interesting shades of sunburn! It is a great asset to have a chef… Read more »